Friday, June 25, 2004

happy friday

I worked my little fingers to the bone but I managed to get out of the office on time and with everything that absolutely needed doing, done. Don't get my wrong, I'll still have a crap-load of stuff waiting for me when I get back but at least the things that absolutely needed attending do are done. All of this for basically, 3 days out of the office, the mind boggles doesn't it?

The stress and angst seems to be related to the fact that this is still a new job for me. Everyone in our team seems to be muddling through right now and I feel good that everyone is basically in the same boat that I'm in. This time next year we'll all be in great shape I'm sure but this plodding along in the dark stuff isn't as much fun as you might think!!

So now I'm on holidays for a week. We may even actually go to the drive-in tonight. I haven't done that in years and years!!

Have a happy weekend folks!!

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