Thursday, June 24, 2004

the race is on

How did my journal become so boring with work related crap??

It's looking like I may actually get through my "to do" list before I head out of the office tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath mind you but it's looking much better right now than it had earlier in the week.

Btw, I don't think that I mentioned this earlier but we voted in the advance polls on Monday. The lady at the polling station told me that it was the busiest advance poll she'd ever seen. Having the election on the Monday of a short week is a bad idea in my books. A lot of folks will be at the cottage all of next week, it's poor planning if you ask me. People seem to be genuinely frightened about Stephen Harper and his message of hate. Hopefully they will have learned from all the horrible crap that is happening south of border and won't elect these assholes. From what I see, they plan to dismantle our health care system, get rid of gay marriage and take the decriminalization of marijuana off the table. Honestly, what good can come from any of that?? If Harper's conservatives are elected, we'll be no better than those poor folks in the states who have to suffer under GW!! I can't imagine that anyone wants that!!

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