Saturday, February 22, 2003

Well the derailment isn't seeming as scary this morning. They seem to think that the toxic chemicals aren't going to explode because they aren't close enough to the fire (which, by the way is fueled by huge honking tanks of propane). I'd like to know which rocket scientist decided to put these things together on the same train. How come when these things happen, you never hear about a tank of milk, and a tank of sugar and a tank of butter and a tank of flour exploding and creating a huge cookie all over rural Ontario? As the crow flies, the train tracks aren't far from our house. We can hear the whistles in the distance at night as the trains pass along the Cataraqui river. Fortunately for us, this happened in a rural area but it could have easily happened a few miles down the track, in the middle of town. Scary thought.

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