Saturday, February 08, 2003

So, after months of wavering, we're biting the bullet and upgrading our processor on our computer. The prices have become extremely reasonable so Mark is out right now picking stuff up for our machine. It should be really cool and fast when it's done. We've been talking about it for so long and carefully watching the prices and stuff. Today we got talking about something and I just looked at Mark and said "why don't you go out this afternoon and just get it?" So he is! Happily! He's now a very happy guy. Or rather will be once he gets home and gets everything hooked up and rebuilt.

Other than that, I'm not up to much today. My back's been giving me trouble for about a week now and today's like the first day in a while that I've felt sort of close to normal. I've been tidying up around the house and doing laundry. It doesn't sound exciting I know but it's sooooo much more fun than laying flat out on your back, on the heating pad, popping ibuprofen while you flick the tv channels in a fog. Trust me! Laying around like 3rd base is not much fun at all!

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