Saturday, February 15, 2003

I've been trying to avoid watching the news this weekend. Not so much because I'm trying avoid hearing about President Doodyhead's efforts...mostly because I'm sick of hearing about how duct tape sales are up 1000% in the United States this week. I cannot believe how stupid these people are. What good is plastic sheeting and duct tape when you have an air exchange heating and cooling system in your home. I actually laughed out loud yesterday when I read that the latest "tip" from the US Homeland Security office was to "cover your face" and then "wash your hands" if you saw any "questionable materials" that you think might be hazardous. What wonderful advice. It's right up there with hiding under you kitchen table in the event of a nuclear war.

If people feel frightened or nervous, they should blame terrorists. The biggest terrorist of them all is the US President himself. He and his cronies are doing their damnedest to scare their own citizens into supporting their action against Iraq. I think it's both pathetic and sad and that's why I'm avoiding the new this weekend. I've decided to enjoy the sunshine instead. It might be minus 17 right now but at least it's nice and bright!

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