Monday, February 17, 2003

It's monday. And it's a long weekend. At least it is for me anyway. I know that not everyone gets this day off. I work at a university so we're very lucky to get it off as it coincides with Reading Week. In the states a lot of folks get it for President's Day. I've had a nice day so far, despite the bitter cold. I met a friend for lunch today and we had a terrific visit. We had worked together for a while last fall and hadn't seen each other since. We had a lot of catching up today so the time just flew by! I had a couple of errands to do afterwards and just ran as fast as I could from the car to the stores. The wind just cuts right through your clothes. It feels really prickly and harsh. I hope it breaks soon. The sun is trying very hard to get through the clouds. It makes such a huge difference when it does.

Yesterday was a nice quiet day. We just hung out around the house mostly and vegged out. Overall it's been a very relaxing weekend, I've really enjoyed it and feel great. Much better than I have in a while. Must be the combination of eating better and exercising more, and the promise of spring!

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