Saturday, February 22, 2003

It's been quite the weekend for news huh? I mean, sure we have the dramatic train derailment just down the road from us to keep our minds occupied with worry (they are letting folks go home soon!)...there was also a huge oil barge explosion in Staten Island that killed two people, not to mention the club fire in Rhode Island.

When I heard about the fire yesterday morning my first thought was "who in the hell would actually pay money to go see Great White?" At their prime they sucked ass, how good could a watered-down revival version be? Boggles the mind actually. Then, when I read this quote on the CBC website :"WPRI-TV cameraman Brian Butler, who was filming the show by the 1980s heavy metal band Great White, said it was obvious that many of the 300 patrons in the club initially thought the fire was part of the show." Some people might be shocked by such a statement, I can't say that I was. This might not be a popular thing to say but I honestly thought that anyone who would be stupid enough to go see Great White would also be stupid enough to think that the building burning down was part of the show. This group was also so stunned that the majority of the club-goers tried to exit by the same door when there were like 3 other exits which were available! Was this also a convention of the Loyal Order of Rhode Island Morons? How stupid were these people anyway?

I don't want you to think that I'm saying that stupid people deserve to die in a horrible, painful way. I think that this is truly sad for the families of the victims, not to mention how painful this must be for the folks who are still in hospital with burns. I can't help though, but think the same thing I do when I hear that snowmobilers have died going through the ice in winter (or they've hit each other head on in the middle of the night) because they're out zipping around on the machines in the dead of night, liquored up to the hilt - it's natural selection. Some might call it "thinning the herd." I'm always just relieved when the idiots involved have only killed themselves and not wiped out any innocent bystanders along the way. If anything, stupid people, just like the rest of us, should be able to die in a peaceful way. In your sleep is always a good choice, if you have one.

At least now, Great White will go down in history, not for being the lame-ass, Led Zeppelin wannabee, 80's hair band that they are, but for causing the biggest disaster (this side of Michael Jackson's face) in rock history.

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