Thursday, February 27, 2003

Do you hate reading the headlines in the morning? I find that it gets harder and harder to read the news these days. I woke up to find out that my beloved Mr Rogers has passed away, at age 74 of stomach cancer. He always seemed to be such a sweet man, just like Mr Dressup. When I was a little kid, we almost never missed Mr Rogers' Neighbourhood. I remember wishing that I could ride on that little trolley and go into Neighbourhood of Make-Believe and meet King Friday. His neighbourhood was a sweet and simple place. He didn't have a tickle trunk like Mr Dressup, or a Giraffe like the Friendly Giant, or Big Bird like on Sesame Street but he usually visited cool places or had neat people visit him and you always learned something from his show. It seems like over the past few year, all of our childhood icons are dying and it makes me feel really old. I think that Captain Kangaroo should probably watch his back. He might be next!

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