Thursday, November 15, 2007

how convenient!

how convenient!
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Our chocolate oranda fish is still sick, I think. About 4 weeks ago, we had to take her out of the big tank because she was really weak and the other fish were picking on her.

We got her into a hospital tank in my office and she's been doing really well up until the past few days. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that she had these little bumps on her head. I didn't think much of it because a couple of our fish have gone through that, a metomorphosis I guess you'd call it.

Tonight though, the bump is really red looking and she's been hanging out near the tank heater a lot. At meal time, she's very active and she's got a good appetite. I don't know if she'll ever bounce back from that parasitic infection that she had. It's tough to watch for sure.

In other, non-fish related news, I'm tired. Sleep is good but work is really draining. Fortunately, in approximately 54 hours (but who's counting), I can relax. Hopefully I'll get more sleep too. That would be good.

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