Wednesday, November 21, 2007

no more mother hubbard

Our cupboards were practically empty. The fridge too. Working all of these weekends recently has not left us with much time for shopping. I mean, we've dashed in and out of the store grabbing just enough stuff to throw something together for dinner but we hadn't done a real shop in ages.

Tonight after work, we came home and fed the critters and then went back out in the dark to do some shopping. The traffic was pretty nuts. They are calling for some snow here tomorrow and I think it's thrown folks into a bit of a panic. If we'd had any choice at all about going out tonight, we probably would have stayed home (afterall, how much do you like shopping in the rain?).

It's done now though, we both got pretty much soaked and were frozen by the time we got everything inside. The temperature is really starting to drop. Right now though, we're home, it's toasty warm in our house. I have a dog sitting at my feet and I'm listening to yet another gorgeous version of The Zutons' "Valerie" being sung by Ms Winehouse.

Life is good and right now, it's very hard to care about cold and wet.

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