Wednesday, November 14, 2007

my fuzzy friends

my fuzzy friends
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Late this afternoon, just as I was thinking about how quickly the day was slipping way from me, an office mate said out loud (althouh not super loud, more like thinking out loud loud) "will this day never end!" I thought it was sort of amusing that we were in the same small space and yet were experiencing completely different days.


The week is flying by actually. Having worked for a huge chunk of last weekend and spending this week getting stuff to together so we can be working for most of this weekend tends to make the time fly. For me anyway. I think that the others on my team feel the same way. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. On Sunday morning, I'll be sitting at the counter at Bagel World (as we do everytime we find ourselves in Toronto on a Sunday) sipping my coffee and enjoying the fact that our big stuff is done with for the calendar year.

Right now though, I'm still in the middle of it. I just keep thinking about that coffee and Sunday and it's okay.

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