Friday, November 02, 2007


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it is officially the weekend.

officially, it's been the weekend for about 3 hours give or take a few minutes here or there. it feels pretty good.

I've been listening to "California" by Rufus Wainwright a lot lately. I think it would be neat to have Bea Arthur be my grandma. I had two perfectly lovely grandma's, don't get me wrong at all, I just like Bea Arthur. She and I actually share a birthday. Have you ever looked up those lists of famous/infamous people who share your birthday with you? I share mine with Bea, Bobby Darin, Harvey Keitel, George Lucas & Stevie Wonder.

So, in the continuing saga that is the construction project on our street, we were able to park in our driveway tonight. What a treat it was to bring groceries in from the driveway and not from down the road.

When we got home, I noticed tire marks all over the driveway. It was kind of funny actually. They only paved the bit of our driveway that was ripped up so there is a huge difference between the old drive and the new part. All over the brand new, dark asphalt were bicycle tracks. At the moment, there is a huge pile of top soil across the street from us. There are tire marks in the pile and they lead right to our spiffy new driveway. Of course, there is still a 3 inch drop from the end of driveway to the street - I think they'll fix that next week - so it's dirt and jumping and new pavement. What more could a kid ask for when you're all hopped up on halloween candy?

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