Thursday, November 29, 2007

too pooped

it's like totally past my bedtime, totally.

did I mention that deja view is showing "square pegs" on the weekends, finally. It's like, a totally different head, totally.

all kidding aside, on some levels it holds up and others, it's embarrassing to watch. The music is good though, the waitresses are always fun and it's neat to see Sarah Jessica in pre-Carrie Bradshaw shoes.

I'm up right now because Mark is on the phone gabbing with Jack and it would be rude to fall asleep when he's probably minutes away from hanging up.

Tomorrow should be good. I have no meetings booked and should actually get some work done. It was totally "winnie the pooh and the blustery day" windy here today, hopefully it'll won't bring snow with it. Of course, if it does, maybe that will inspire me to pull out my holiday lights and get them up. The rest of our neighbourhood is beginning to light up and I feel like I'm letting folks down.

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