Thursday, November 08, 2007

not good

so it turns out that the big traffic mess last night in our little neighbourhood was the aftermath of an accident. An 11 year old girl (there are lots of kids in our part of town - we live very close to 2 elementary schools and 2 high schools) was hit and taken to hospital with serious head injuries. What we saw on our way home last night was the accident reconstruction team from the KPD. yikes.

also, Mark's still feeling shitty. he went to the doctor today and she ordered some tests so we're waiting to hear what it might be. she thinks that it is something viral. no doubt, whatever it was, he picked it up from snotty kid in the taxi.

hopefully, by this time tomorrow, we'll know what's going on. to add insult to injury, he banged his foot last night and has a seriously mangled toe on his right foot. he is not having a good week.

oh well, better days ahead, right?

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greenhousegal said...

hope Mark feels better real soon....