Thursday, November 22, 2007

baby it's cold outside

holy crap but it's cold here. old man winter has landed on our doorsteps, quite suddenly as it happens. the wind chill is -10 according to environment canada.

we woke up to the sound of ice pellets hitting the windows and it was a slippery mess outside on the roads. I was able to get to work at pretty much my usual time but poor Mark had a bit of a white knuckle day. I worry a lot about him when the weather is bad. It's not that he can't drive in this weather, it's more that the other drivers just lose their every-lovin' minds during the first storm of the year.

Normally, Mark picks me up after he has dropped the cab off. Tonight though, he was near my office and picked me up on his way to swap cars. It's a good thing he did too. The roads are horrible and it took both of us to scrape the van. It was a giant icy cube. yuck.

it sure is good to be home right now though. I am sure that most folks are like me and would rather watch a storm from the comfort of their very own chesterfield than be out in the mix, schlepping through crap.

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