Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Missing Lizz

So the past few days I noticed that Rachel Maddow is hosting Unfiltered on her own. This struck me as a little odd. Chuck D is often away but Lizz is always there. At first I thought, "maybe she's ill" or "maybe she's on the road doing some stand-up" but that didn't sit right. Rachel hadn't mentioned Lizz's name at all.

I started looking around on the message boards and I guess there was some kind of awkward announcement last Thursday (I didn't have a chance to tune in due to meetings) that Lizz had left the show. Is this a coincidence that she has disappeared, without a word being said, so shortly after they get a new C.E.O.. Some folks are speculating that her contract was probably up and she's moved on. I somehow doubt that. This feels like she's been shit-canned. When someone suddenly leaves without explanation and no one is talking about it, there's some serious hr crap going on.

Lizz was my favourite part of Unfiltered and I'll miss her a lot. Rachel is smart as a whip and I like her too. Lizz was smart and super funny, sharp. I thought that the shows where all three of them were together in the studio were some of the best I have heard on Air America. Wherever she ends up, she'll land on her feet. She's way too brilliant and talented not to.

One thing that made me smile today: It was light outside, very early this morning. It was almost completely bright shortly after 6:30 a.m. Last night it was light out until around 6 p.m. People, we're heading into spring. yee-hah!

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