Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm a week late but who cares? Here is TV Tuesday's look at the shows on Nick-at-Night.

1. Of the many shows that run on Nick-at-Night, what is the one that you would most enjoy sitting down and watching a marathon of?

Our digital cable service is based in Canada (where I am based!) and the line-up is a little different. I can always watch a marathon of the Brady Bunch, always. Anytime, any place.

2. What classic show from yesterday has not made it to Nick-at-Nite yet, but you'd like to see it there?

I'm not sure if airs in the states or not but I would LOVE to see Designing Women again.

3. Have repeat on Nick-at-Night given you a new appreciation of an older show? Which one?

The Dick Van Dyke show. When I was a kid I really enjoyed it and I didn't think it would hold up now. We watched part of a marathon the other weekend and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

4. What show that is currently on the air do you think our kids will be watching in 20 years on Nick-at-Nite?

The Cosby Show. I think it'll prove to have as much staying power (but hopefully not as many reincarnations) as the Brady Bunch.

5. What is one show that Nick-at-Nite currently runs that you question if the classic label applies to?

Uh, Wings. Or MacGyver. Or, in Canada, Check it out. What the hell??

One thing that made me smile today: Years ago, we used Wetsock on our desktops as a Weather monitor. My brother sent me an email today about Mr Weather.. It's free and it's fabulous. It's good for anyone in North America. Check it out, it'll make you smile too!!

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