Friday, February 25, 2005

By Friday, my brain is officially fried. Back in the old days, I really loved the Friday Five and missed it a lot when they pulled the plug on it. Once again, here is Friday's Feast:

Feast Thirty-Seven

Appetizer - Name something that makes you scream.

People who make way more money than I do but who know less about stuff than I do. Having to show people who are higher up on the food chain than I am, simple things to do with basic computer functions makes me want to holler.

Soup - Who is a musician you enjoy listening to when you want to relax?

Recently, it's been The Pernice Brothers. At work anyway.

Salad - What was the last book you purchased?

In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. Unfortunately, I haven't even opened it yet.

Main Course - If you could live one day as any historical figure, who would it be, and what would you do?

mmm....Emily Hahn. I'd love to see what Shanghai looked like back then and of course, I think it would be very cool to experience smoking opium, in China at that time in history.

Dessert - Tell about a time when you were lost. Where did you end up? How long did it take you to get back to where you were going?

One time, on a trip to New York City, instead of turning left at Syracuse, we went straight down to Binghamton and had to double back, up to Albany, through some pretty rural areas. We we're really lost more, off track in a big way. We were traveling at night and by the time we got to Yonkers, we were exhausted. We literally got lost in Yonkers looking for a motel. Eventually, we did find a place to stay and the next day we made it into Manhattan but what should have been a 6 hour trip took us more like 9 hours by the time it was done.

One thing that made me smile today: It's Friday and the sun is shining. What more can I ask for?

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