Saturday, February 19, 2005

on cleaning and girlie movies

Ordinarily on Saturday's, it's difficult for me to get any cleaning done around the house because Mark's dad parks in front of the television all day long so I can't really do anything on the first floor. Unfortunately, today he wasn't feeling well so he was in bed all afternoon. I took advantage of this and cleaned the first floor.

I went looking for something mindless to watch while cleaning. Something that if I missed a chunk of it because I was in the other room or being too noisy, it wouldn't matter much. "13 Going On 30" was poifect for this. There wasn't anything in the movie that I hadn't seen before but I thought it was cute. Jennifer Garner was completely adorable (and I'm not normally a fan of hers) and I can imagine that tweenies everywhere are in love with this movie. It was what I had hoped it would be, completely predictable with a good soundtrack. How can you not go wrong with the Go-Go's, right?

Right now, I'm heading off to watch a documentary with Mark. It's called Dream Tower and it's about Rochdale College in Toronto. It'll be neat to see if Mark recognizes anyone in it.

One thing that made me smile today: Walking into the living room before dinner tonight and seeing that the whole place was clean and tidy surprised me and made me smile. Boy the house looks good when I can actually clean it.

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