Wednesday, February 16, 2005

it's not the volume, it's the pace

Things are still kind of busy at work. We're cleaning up the last of the deliveries from Monday. Today, I have actually had time to have my lunch and I expect that I might get out of her on time. Will wonders ever cease??

Now, I'll briefly talk about something that has nothing to do with work. Interestingly (or not), I have not watched a movie since Sunday. After "Wonderland" on Sunday, I saw "Something's Gotta Give." It was okay, definitely a chick flick. I am a fan of Diane Keaton and thought she was brilliant in it, she also looked amazing. Holy crap, that good, yanno?? Anyway, I won't say much about it other than the fact that Keanu Reeves, in my opinion anyway, is one of the worst actors on the face of the earth. He was so far beyond horrible in this I was shocked. He's such a putz. Honestly.

One thing that made me smile today: Also in the amazon box last night was a single and an ep by Esthero. I am really enjoying them both. The single is for "O.G. Bitch" and the EP is called "We R in Need of a Musical Revolution." Seriously, "O.G. Bitch" my new favourite song, this week anyway.

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