Thursday, February 17, 2005

the sickness

It's everywhere. Our office is like a petri dish right now. One of my office mates was off almost all of last week with a cold. This week, she's "better" (she says) but she's coughing and blowing her nose constantly. Another coworker, around the corner and down the hall has the same thing. I feel badly for them both but honestly, I've told them, I'll seriously take my doc marten and kick them in the ass if I get sick.

Yesterday, I was convinced I was getting sick. My eyes and nose were running, I had a scratchy throat, a small cough, body ache, the works. I kept drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruit and have been working out each morning. It seems to keeping the germs at bay and I feel much better today. I know it doesn't help that we're all over-tired and we all ran around too much in the rain on Monday. Seriously though, if you're sick, stay home. I really don't need to see (or hear you). ~shiver~

One thing that made me smile today: A while ago, before Christmas I think, I picked up a copy of Truthfully Truthfully by Joel Plaskett Emergency. I put it away somewhere (stupid, stupid me) and didn't open it up until today. Holy smokes it's good. Over the years, I've met Joel a few times, back in his Thrush Hermit days and I've always been a fan of his. This album is terrific, really great. I feel really dumb for not listening to it until today.

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