Friday, May 14, 2004

happy weekend

Thanks to everyone for all the Happy Birthday wishes, it was really very sweet of you!

I ended up having a very nice day yesterday despite the fact that I was feeling kind of bummed out at the beginning of it. I think that I was overtired and stressed out and just needed a good night's sleep to get over it.

We had a really nice dinner out last night (thanks Joe!) and then got together with my parents afterwards. My mum made me a really nice summer outfit and I was given some cash (always super nice!) so I may go out and buy some new summer clothes with it. I also got some DVD's (season 2 of Will & Grace and the Osbournes 2 1/2). Mark shocked the hell out of me by giving me a FABULOUS new video card for my computer. It's an all in wonder pro 9600 and I can't wait until we get it into the machine and get playing with it. The list of things that it can do is just amazing, including a TiVo type function. It's definitely going to be a lot of fun.

Anyway, we're heading out of town on a road trip tomorrow so I probably won't be around here. Hope you all have a terrific weekend!!

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