Monday, May 03, 2004

packing up

My office is all packed up and tomorrow (sometime) I'm supposed to move down to the basement. Obviously, as we were packing stuff up all day, not much was accomplished. By the time I got home from work, I was completely braindead. All of this unsettled stuff, both at home and at work is exhausting. Hopefully the move will be as painless as possible!

This week's Monday Madness:

1. Do you collect anything?

Yes. We collect lots of things, too many probably. I collect records and CD's. Mark collects Pig things and we collect Simpsons memorabilia together.

2. How many items do you have in your collection?

I actually have no idea, but that's a good question.

3. What is the most unusual piece in your collection?

Much of my record collection is kind of unusual so that's kind of tough to say.

4. Is there anything you don't collect that you would like to collect?

Goodness no! We're trying to get rid of clutter in our house, I don't want to start adding to it.

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