Tuesday, May 25, 2004

settling down

I'm starting to see a light at the end of tunnel at work. It seems like all of this transition madness is starting to wrap up and, with any luck, I'll be starting my new job (properly) in a week or so.

The work I have been doing has been a lot of fun and really satisfying and I will really miss it. Still, I am looking forward to the challenge of the new job. It's going to be quite different from what I have been doing but similar at the same time (same department -- different unit). I don't know if I'll be able to take any proper vacation this summer though. Things are kind of up in the air until we get our program planning done.

Finally, everything seems to be getting sorted out, at home and at work...as much as anything ever get sorted out anyway. Let's face it, a little drama is a good thing once in a while, it only drives you crazy when there is too much of it!!

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