Thursday, May 06, 2004

itchy eyes

My eyes are driving me crazy today. Well, actually, only one eye is bugging me, the right one. It's pretty cold and miserable here lately so I don't think that my allergies are kicking in. Not yet anyway. I'm wondering if there is something in the air in my new office that's getting to me. It is in the basement so I suppose that's a possibility.

Things are settling down a bit at work but I seem to be having difficulty focusing on any one task right now. I keep hopping from one thing to another, not really accomplishing anything fully.

Home is getting settled too. Before he moved, Joe sold his bed, headboard and dresser to a neighbour. He kept the side tables and the armoire. I'm not sure why he did this, he should have gotten rid of the whole thing when he had the chance. We actually moved the armoire as far as the bottom of our stairs. It is huge and ugly and heavy and we really wanted to avoid taking it upstairs. We were pretty sure that it wouldn't fit in the room and it was such a beast that we didn't want to even try. Fortunately, Joe sold it to the guy who bought the rest of the set and it was taken away yesterday.

There are still a few boxes to sort out but I'm working this weekend so they'll have to wait a little while longer. Slowly but surely, everything will sort itself out, both at work and at home. I'd have thought it would have happened sooner than it is happening but I'm feeling better today knowing that there is at least a light at the end of the tunnel.

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