Saturday, May 29, 2004

better and better

It got very cold here last night. The temperature made for great sleeping but I didn't sleep in. I guess I got up early because I of all the sleep I got yesterday.

Today I am feeling MUCH better. It is a good thing that I ended up being home yesterday as Mark sprained his ankle at work and I had to help him out. We're both feeling a lot better. Last night we just moped around the house feeling yucky and that seems to have done us both a world of good. We also managed to watch (finally) Finding Nemo late yesterday afternoon so that was fun. As Disney-crack goes, the Pixar stuff is always great.

I'm not sure what exactly we'll be doing today. A lot of it will depend on how Mark's foot is. It wasn't swollen last night (I'd bandaged it up pretty good) so hopefully it'll not be too bad today. We have some errands to do today but nothing that can't wait until tomorrow.

ewww...I can smell skunk coming in through the bedroom window. Someone's dog must have been sprayed. Oh well, at least the sun's shining today. Happy Saturday everyone!!

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