Sunday, May 09, 2004

happy mother's day!

Today was just gorgeous!!!

The sun shone on us, almost all day long so we were actually able to get some work done in the yard. We hadn't yet mowed the lawn so we got that done today. I did the front and Mark did the back. We cut it sort of long so we'll probably have to do it again later this week but at least it'll be easier than if we had tried to cut it short all at once.

We got to see my mum today too. I had picked her up the most gorgeous basket of indoor plants at Costco the other night. It has a lovely wicker basket and about 20 plants in it. She has a greenhouse and a tonne of plants already but some of the things in this basket, she didn't have already so that was kind of neat.

Of course, now, we're both pooped and wishing we could have another couple of days off but that's gonna have to wait for another week. Hopefully next weekend, we won't have to work at all!

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