Thursday, May 13, 2004

happy birthday to me

That's right, it's my birthday.

I'm feeling kind of old this year. I think that everything that's been happening at work over the past 8 months is just wearing on me and I'm pooped. Too pooped almost to enjoy my own birthday. It doesn't help that I have to work today either.

On the up side, I'm being taken out for lunch and dinner today and I've received some really nice cards already.

Other than the fact that it's my birthday, not much is happening around here today. We're probably going to head out of town this weekend for a bit of a break so that will be nice. Not sure if we're going to stay over night but we're definitely hitting the road on Saturday. Despite the high cost of gas, we need a change of scenery for a few hours so wherever we end up will be fine.

Anyway, hope you all have a nice day, I'm gonna try to enjoy it myself!

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