Monday, April 21, 2003

The weather today just suits my mood. It reminds me of a line from a Smiths' song, "I wear black on the outside, black as I feel on the inside." I don't feel black today but I do feel grey and dull, just like the weather.

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I couldn't believe how tired I was. Last night, it was almost 10:30 before we got to bed. That's almost unheard of for us, particularly on a school night. Yes, that's right, unlike 1/2 of the province, both Mark and I are working today. I know that here in my office, there are only 3 of us in today so at least it should be quiet. It's particularly dark and dreary today. It's raining quite hard and it doesn't look like it will be letting up any time soon. I hope it does but one never knows.

We had a nice weekend but I can't believe that it's over. We had dinner at my Aunt's place last night. She lives in Smiths Falls, about an hour north of here. It was a lot of fun and I got to see some family who I hadn't seen in a long time. My mum's brother and his wife were visiting from Alberta and they had brought their son with them (he lives in Montreal). I think it had been about 10 years since I saw him (Dan) and it's been over five since I'd seen my Uncle Mike and Aunt Karen. Mum and dad were out west to visit them last summer but I'd not seen them since they came home when my grandmother passed away in 1997. It feels a little odd that all of us grand kids are now, technically, "grown ups." It doesn't really feel like it but I guess we are.

This is a short week for us. On Thursday afternoon we're heading into Toronto for a wedding. The wedding is on Friday but we didn't want to have to rush into town on the fly and get to the wedding so we thought we'd go in the night before and make a long weekend of it. We'll be there for 3 days. From what I've heard, we'll have the hotel basically to ourselves with the SARS scare. They have been reporting on the news that tourism in the GTA is down a lot and that suits me down to the ground. I am not going to be scared into staying home and hiding because of SARS. I'm just looking forward to the wedding and the break away from home. It'll be like a mini-holiday for us and after all that's been going on with us this spring, we need it!

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