Saturday, April 05, 2003

I am klutzy.

My moon is in klutz or something.

This morning I hacked off a chunk of knuckle, on my right hand - of course. I was doing something I hate to do (cleaning the bath tub), on my knees, between the toilet and the tub, scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing and I noticed some blood on the side of the tub -- no, I never wear rubber gloves, probably should but don't. Anyway, I kept scrubbing and noticed that there was blood all over the place, I wasn't hurt so it couldn't be me --- is my house possessed a la Amityville? I looked down again and noticed that my hand was covered in blood. Sweet. It took me a while to get it to stop bleeding. I have the bandages off of it now so it can heal up. In the end, it was a little chunk of knuckle but boy that thing bled.

So now I can't do much until my finger is better. Some would say that this is a good thing, that any excuse to avoid housework must be embraced. If it were actually decent outside I could go for a walk. It's not, so I can't. It's freezing rain here and really slippery and dangerous outside right now.

I think I'll have to make a cup of tea and watch more of the Wilco DVD...mmm....Wilco!

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