Monday, April 07, 2003

It's only the first Monday of the month and already I can see that it's going to be completely nutso busy until the 30th.

It feels like every spare moment for the month of April is being filled up. Mark's birthday is next Monday and we had hoped to get up to Ottawa this weekend to see my brother and his band play. It's not looking like we're going to make it though. We have a wedding in Toronto at the end of the month and we're watching our pennies until that happens. We decided that if we had to go in for 2 nights, we might as well go for 3 and make it a little mini-holiday. It should be fun but we have a lot to do between now and then.

I found out on the weekend that my uncle and his wife will be in the area on Easter Weekend. They live in Alberta and I haven't seen them since my grandmother's funeral in 1997 so we'll be seeing them that weekend. My aunt in Smiths Falls is hosting a big family meal at her place on Easter Sunday. Should be a lot of fun. Mark still hasn't met all of my aunts and uncles but this should go a long way to getting him acquainted with the Forbes contingent. We'll be taking his dad with us too, if he's feeling up to it. When I asked him on the weekend he sounded excited about it. I think he needs something to look forward to at the moment. He's feeling pretty low because his recovery isn't going as fast as he thinks it should. I keep telling him that he forgets how very sick he was and that he needs to be patient but he gets sort of down. I think that once the warmer weather gets here he'll be better.

Today seems to be flying by. Everytime I look at the clock, thinking that it's 10 minutes later, it's an hour later. Yikes, at this rate, I'll be retiring in 2 weeks or something!

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