Saturday, April 26, 2003

I'm just checking in from out of town. We've been in Toronto since Thursday and have seen a noticible difference in the traffic, most likely due to SARS.

When we checked into our hotel on Thursday, the fellow instantly offered us a "seasonal special" (appropriate name if the season is "SARS") and discounted our room rate for the whole 3 nights. Not too bad. Mark asked if they were at 60% occupancy and he replied, "um, not quite." Yeah, more like not quite 40%. It was so quiet and lovely. I mean, it's too bad that their business is being affected but it's good for us. We went down to the pool to soak in the whirlpool yesterday afternoon and we were the only ones in the place. It was so nice.

Yesterday morning when we went down to Kensington Market, we had no trouble at all getting parked. On a Friday!! That's unheard of. Crazy. We stopped by Mark's favourite Chinese bakery and there was no one else in there. Ordinarily, there would be a lineup out the door. It's eerie. We did see one woman walking around with a face mask on but it looked like she had made it herself and it wasn't really covering her face very well. I couldn't tell if she was afraif of SARS or just kinda crazy.

The wedding last night was nice, the ceremony I mean. It was outside at Edwards Gardens and the sun was shining. It was on the side of a hill by a lovely fountain and Kat and Peet looked beautiful, really happy. It was the first time I'd seen Kat since she got pregnant and she's got a little bump now. It's hard to imagine how much their lives will change in the fall when the twins are born. I'm just so happy for them. They both seemed to be floating around yesterday. Funny thing about weddings is that they are almost never about the couple who are getting hitched up and almost always about the parents. Kat and Peet seemed cool with that, I know that her dad organized everything so it wasn't probably what their taste would be but it appeased the family and the parental units so they can have their own party later on down the road and do things their way.

Anyway, I should scoot, sitting here is being anti-social. enjoy the rest of the weekend, I know I will (we may even see Matt Barber at the elmo later! woohoo).

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