Friday, March 20, 2009

introducing sam

introducing sam
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A year ago today, Sam came home with us to stay.

It's hard to believe that he hasn't been with us forever because we can't remember what it was like in our house before he came along.

We've learned a lot about him and dogs in general over the past year. Looking back at it, we thought we knew what we were doing but clearly, we didn't. Sam was very patient with us though. He's the sweetest dog I've ever met and both Mark and I love him so much it hurts.

Over the weekend, we're going to do something special to celebrate his "adoption day" but we haven't figured that out yet. Extra visits to the dog park will be included and possibly a ride on the ferry to visit the not yet working (but still impressive looking) wind farm on Wolfe Island. Whatever it is, Sam'll have fun. He's a good natured boy who is never happier than when the four of us are all together. I have to say, I feel the same way!

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