Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what's in a name?

new friends
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Last night, Bella went home. Again, about an hour before Annette came by to pick her up, she sat in the living room, patiently staring out the window. It was pretty cute.

When Annette did finally get there, we were having a bit of a visit and Bella, who is normally very quiet, was making all kinds of "hey, I'd like to go home now" noises. I think Sam and Gracie were kind of missing her last night at bed time.

Speaking of Sam and Gracie, I saw this today and had to share it. It's a "what does my dog's name mean" thing and for our two, it's very accurate, spooky.

SAM – Sam is a carefree name given to dogs with a good outlook on life. They seem to know what is important and that have a special place in your heart. They are loyal and kind. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Heard by God.

GRACIE – Dogs named Gracie are often graceful, agile and sweet. They can be described as sincere and devoted companions. They are often energetic and like to play. They often have an inner "wild" steak that occasionally comes out. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: Faithful.

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