Thursday, March 05, 2009

reflections from the heating pad

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So earlier this week, I was at home in bed, on the heating pad, nursing a seriously messed up back.

Occasionally, not recently though, when I get a cold, it can go into my back and knock me flat out. I think that's what happened on Sunday afternoon. Last week, I'd been fighting a cold which was floating around the office. Over the weekend I felt a bit better than I had all week so I figured it was all behind me. You may recall that it was freeeeeezing cold 'round here over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, I stepped out onto our deck with Gracie for a few minutes. I think it was just long enough to be outside without a coat on (and leaning against the deck railing) to expose my back and mess me up.

While I was home, the dogs were great company. We hung out on the bed and slept and watched movies on cable. This photo of Sam was snapped from bed on Monday. I couldn't sit up at the computer so I had to amuse myself with the camera and tetris game on my phone. He looks very intent because we were watching "Best in Show" and I think he was trying to figure out where all of the American Eskimo Dogs were.

One of the most bizarre things I saw during my two day stint in bed was Van Morrison on "Live with Regis and Kelly." He's out promoting his new live recording of the brilliant 1968 release, Astral Weeks. I texted Mark to inform him that the rapture must be getting close if Van was kibitzing with Regis. I admire Mr Morrison's restraint in not punching Regis in the face when he introduced "black eyed girl." Sheesh Reeg.

I'm happy to report that today, I'm feeling much better. Yesterday at work was a bit rough but today I feel more normal than I have in several days. Hopefully, by the weekend I'll be even better than I am now. That would be very nice!

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