Thursday, March 19, 2009

ripped off

Last night, after work, we had to do a few errands. One of the errands involved a trip to Dollarama, one of my favourite stores. I needed to pick up a couple of things for the dogs and they have a great pet section and everything is, duh, a dollar. Some dollar stores have $2 and $5 items but not Dollarama. Or so I thought. Last night, I needed some extra dog bowls and a new food mat (they'd eaten the spongebob squarepants one we were using) and it wasn't until I got to the cash that I realized that the items were $1.25. It was still a good deal but seriously, they're not called Dollartwentyfivearama, it's Dollarama! It's the economy, I know, everything's going up. No fun.

Also, on the no fun front, Natasha Richardson. I was so sad to hear that she'd died. Her death reminded me of a couple of things:

1. Kirsty MacColl's untimely death - also sudden and tragic, also preventable, also while on holiday, also with leaving two young sons behind.
2. Love Actually - I've had "bye bye baby" in my head for a couple of days now because I keep thinking of Liam Neeson in that funeral scene. I can no longer hear that particular Bay City Rollers song without crying.

Natasha Richardson appeared in one of my favourite "sick day" movies (it's one of those movies that can always make me feel better not matter what's going on), "Blow Dry." My heart aches for her family. I hope that they all lean on each other for strength and support right now.


Anonymous said...

Well that's just wrong! I got to Dollarama all the time and haven't seen anything like that priced yet. They need to change the name of the store to a buck and a quarter!

Peg said...

Indeed!! that's what I loved about Dollarama and it's why I stopped shopping at "A Buck or Two" because they had stuff a buck or two which was almost $10.