Monday, April 02, 2007

won't get fooled again

april fool's gag
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did you get fooled yesterday?

I did not get fooled. Neither did Mark. We didn't actually decide not to try to fool each other, we really didn't think about it.

I guess we sort of got fooled by the weather. We went out, early afternoon to take a little drive and do a few errands. The sky opened up almost immediately after we left the house and we were sort of rained out. Not fun.

Some smart cookie in our office made up a coffee gag which a couple of folks actually fell for. We have free coffee where I work and someone set up a sign up sheet, posters, and collection can, to try and convince folks that we now had to pay 59 cents for coffee.

I can completely understand how people fell for it, after all, it was early Monday morning and goodness knows, before coffee, most of us would believe just about anything!!

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Anonymous said...

I got fooled really good. And then I was the subject for someone else being fooled. So, I kind of got it twice!