Saturday, April 14, 2007

I like trains

one of things that I like about where I live, and it's something that many folks are irritated by, is the number of level train crossings we have. there is something kind of cool about being first in the lineup, watching a train lumber by.

So Mark's birthday is today. Happy Birthday Mark!! I think he's having a happy birthday so far. We did get down to the casino this morning and he won $140. Not bad huh?? Birthday boy luck I'm guessing. We took the winnings and did boring things like buy lunch, groceries and pet medicine.

We finally figured out that Syd was suffering with a fungal infection. As I type this, Mark is treating him with some fizzy tablets that are supposed to help clear this up. If it works, we should notice an improvement pretty quickly. It's hard to watch him mope around when he clearly is not a normally mopey fish.

The weather has been generally lackluster here today. We got spit on by rain and it's kind of damp and gross out so I think we're going to probably stay home for the rest of the day, maybe watch a movie. Nothing too taxing, just relaxing. Ooh, I'm such a poet huh?

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