Friday, April 13, 2007

lucky 13

by now, I'm sure you've realized that today is Friday the 13th!! I never really get why this freaks out folks so much. superstitions I suppose. silly stuff. I like the number 13. the movie, thirteen, wasn't all that it could have been but then, you can't like all of the movies, all of the time. Speaking of "thirteen," I saw another Evan Rachel Wood movie the other day, "Down in the Valley." It was okay, not bad actually. It's an interesting story about a young girl who has an affair with an older guy who thinks he is a cowboy. There are some interesting twists in the story that were interesting.

I'm really happy that the weekend has arrived. it's Mark's birthday weekend. officially, his birthday is tomorrow. We don't have a whole lot planned. Tonight, we really needed to go and get some groceries. We were both so brain dead after work though that we decided not to bother. That left us with the issue of dinner. We decided to go out. Standing in the door, coats on, keys in hand, we changed our mind and ordered a pizza. I'm glad we stayed home, I don't think I could have dealt with a Friday night restaurant crowd. Besides that, we now have pizza for breakfast tomorrow!

What we actually end up doing for his birthday tomorrow is pretty much up in the air. We will need to get groceries at some point (yes, we have no tomatoes!) but beyond that and a little bit of laundry, we have an open schedule. We're both feeling healthy again so if we do decide to go somewhere or do something wacky, we'll actually be able to do it. cool huh?

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