Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm waking up to nuts

it's deck time!
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For the first year or so that we lived in this house, we had weirdly quiet neighbours on the western side of us. They pretty much kept completely to themselves and didn't really bother with anyone.

In June or July 2006, we got some new neighbours. For the most part, they too keep to themselves. One thing they do do, which drives me batty, is slam their car doors. The slam them so hard sometimes, that the entire house shakes. It's just strange and annoying.

Last night, I woke up suddenly, about 2 hours after I'd gone to sleep. I'd been having a really lovely dream about being on a trip to Italy one second and the next, I was wide-eyed and awake. Mark was awake too. It was the car door. It seems really nuts to me for a couple of reasons... one being, you live in a neighbourhood, close to other folks, some consideration to this must be made; the other would be that this cannot be good for their vehicle.

I suppose this is the trade off that one must make for municipal water and access to high speed internet (the two things which kept us from buying a house in the country).

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