Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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For some reason, last night and Sunday night, I didn't sleep well. About once every hour or so, I'd wake up, look at the clock, and then take about 15 minutes to fall back to sleep. It also seemed to take me a really long time to fall asleep.

I'm sleepy, and tired. I think that maybe some noisy neighbour or critter is waking me up, banging around out in the neighbourhood.

it's odd. ordinarily, I'm a very good sleeper. I close my eyes, I fall asleep, I don't fall out of bed too often. it's all very orderly.

I hate not sleeping well. It makes me feel tired and today, for a few moments this afternoon, I thought I might be getting another cold. I hope it was just overtiredness because I really don't want another cold.

I also don't particularly wanna watch the Idols sing "new country" tonight but you know I will. Mark does not share my enthusiasm for Sanjaya. He said, "they'll have a huge party when Sanjaya leaves AI." I looked at Mark and said, "yup, cuz it'll be the night he wins!" I l'd love it if he wins, that would be cool.

Mark and I agree that Melinda is far and away the best singer in the group and we've both liked her all along but there has always been something about Sanjaya that I like. I like the Stevie Wonder thing he did in his audition and I enjoy watching him. He's having fun and clearly bugging the asses of the judges so, yay. It's a tacky, cheeseball, guilty-pleasure show. It should be fun. Having said that, I'm sure he'll sing some really bad country song in a way that will make me smile. Even when I'm groggy, I'm sure Sanjaya can make me smile.

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