Tuesday, April 24, 2007

hey dad, happy birthday!

summer sky
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Today is my dad's birthday. He's 65 today and, "officially" an old fart! Many folks would be retiring at 65 but dad took early retirement a few years ago so he's well practiced in the art of retirement. He often jokes that he needs to go back to work to have a day off. But I don't know if I really I believe that. I'm sure my mum would let him have a day off if he asked really nicely!

We popped by my parents' place after work for a visit and a piece of cake. It was nice to see them. On Easter weekend, we were there for lunch but I wasn't feeling all that great so we cut the visit short. I find that in the spring and summer, we tend to see them more often. It's not like they live a million miles away but in the winter, we just don't go far at all. Anyway, my dad's not one who likes to be made a fuss about but I like to at least see him face to face on his birthday, when I can.

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