Thursday, June 23, 2005


Right now, as I type this, Mark is cooking on our stove. We have gas!!!

On Monday, while we were in the emergency room waiting area, Mark went home and met the plumber. They did a beautiful job running the line to the stove. They put in a spot which will make it really easy to hook a barbecue up, when we get our new barbecue next year. We will never run out of propane, mid-barbecue (which happened last night) again!!

Once they had done the hookup, we had to wait for the city to come back and inspect the connections. The guy was here this afternoon and approved it. After four weeks of salads, sandwiches and barbecue, it'll be so nice to have a stir fry! It smells wonderful and Mark seems to be really enjoying cooking again. If it stays cool this weekend (it's been wonderfully cool and breezy here today), I'll maybe bake something. I've never used a convection oven before, and it'll be such a treat to bake in an oven that doesn't have uneven racks!

Now that the stove is hooked up, we can get the rest of the kitchen sorted out, that might be a project for this weekend. It'll either be that or my office. One way or the other, one of those rooms will be done by the end of the weekend!!

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