Sunday, June 26, 2005

done and dusted

I think that almost everything in the kitchen is now unpacked. I still have a couple of cupboards that need a GOOD cleaning out and things will be shuffled around as that happens but, pretty much all of the kitchen stuff is now unpacked and cleaned. Even though I resisted the dishwasher at first, I've been so glad to have it, particularly when cleaning all of the glasses we have. Who knew that we had so much glass!!?? I know that I'm still missing a couple of boxes but I'm sure that they are just buried under boxes of books. So far too, I've avoided unpacking any "knick knacks." We had a lot of clutter all over the place in our old place, some of it I liked, some I didn't so I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible in the new house. For the moment, I'm keeping the boxes of "clutter stuff" off to one side and will sit down with Mark at some point and have a serious sort through the stuff.

Through all of this, I also located the floor to my office. You can actually walk around the computer while someone is sitting in front of it. Neat concept huh?? Next weekend, I hope to get the books unpacked. That should dig out a huge hole in the "guest room" and allow us to set up the bed in there. Before you know it, we'll be ready for company!!

On that note, I'm going to take a shower and maybe sit outside for a bit. It's still hot here but there is a gorgeous breeze, the sky is clear blue and it's a quite perfect summer day. 'bout time huh??

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