Monday, June 06, 2005

we're having a heatwave

Everyone's lawn is dead, it's hazy outside, the humidity is insanely high. It feels like the dog days of summer and it's only the first full week of June. I'm not complaining though, the central air in our new house is working fine and we spent a fair amount of time out on the deck this weekend (most of the time we were working but hey, we were outside!). The forecast keeps calling for thunder showers but we aren't getting any, so far anyway.

How was your weekend?? Ours was busy. When we got home on Friday night, Joe told me that his grandson had called and that he was in town. I assumed that he was attending convocation but it turns out that his wife was having a follow-up visit with a surgeon about something she'd had done here (when she was a student -- a few years ago). They ended up coming over Saturday afternoon for most of the afternoon and we had dinner together.

I finally got some "curtains" up in our bedroom. We went out and bought a really nice, wrought iron rod and some of those ring/clip things. I had a couple dark green, flat sheets that we've temporarily hooked hung on our large window. It looks so much better than the newspaper I had taped up before. I also put a sheet up over the window on the west wall of our bedroom. Since this heat wave started, the sun had just been pounding in that window, so much so that the A/C couldn't keep up. The bedroom looks much better now that there is something on the window. We also bought a new bed on the weekend. We needed to buy a new bed for our guest room but we decided to move our old bed into the guest room instead and bought ourselves a new one. It's so nice, I tell ya. We got a great deal on it, they also threw in the frame for 1/2 price and gave me a great discount on a mattress cover for it. I also had to buy new sheets for it because we upgraded to a King from a Queen. Eventually I'll need to buy a comforter and stuff but the upside of buying a new bed during a heat wave is that you don't have to worry about heavy blankets right away.

The spending money like it's going out of style has officially ended. I mean, I still need to buy some kind of covering for a couple of windows and we need a new light fixture in the kitchen (over the sink, we put in a new ceiling fan already) but that can wait for a little while. As long I have sheets to put up all over the place, when I need to, that's fine with me for now.

fish update

Our tiniest fish, Gefilte, died on Saturday. I could tell in the morning that she wasn't very well. The other female, Goldie, looked sick too. They had ick which probably happened when Mark had to change the water the other day. He didn't use a water conditioner at the time.

I noticed that Gefilte wasn't moving much just before dinner on Saturday night. I abandoned our company to race to the pet shop while Mark cooked. By the time I got home, Gefilte was dead. Luckily though, the medicine seems to be helping Goldie. Her poor tail was all red, in addition to having those little white spots. We think that the other fish were beating up on her when she got sick. It's really amazing how attached you can get to a little fish. I was so sad when Mark told me that Gefilte was dead, I think that she was just too tiny to fight the ick, it seems like Goldie will make a full recovery though!

I keep wondering if I had noticed the problem earlier and had gone out for the medicine in the morning, if she would be okay (she seemed fine on Thursday and Friday). Goodness, I hate to think about how much I'd be writing here if we had a dog or cat or something that actually walks around the house!!

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