Sunday, June 12, 2005

another scorcher!!

Golly gee but it's hot outside. I know that I keep saying that but it's really true. Insanely hot, and humid too. Like, it's too hot to buy ice cream or frozen yogurt because it'll melt before you get it to the car, much less all the way home.

Today was very productive, albeit exhausting. We started out this morning intending to not do too much. That really didn't last for long though, I started working through the mountain of laundry that I had created in the middle of the laundry room, Mark was puttering in his workshop and we decided to go out, just for an hour, and pick up a few things that we needed for a couple of chores we wanted to do (exchanging curtain rods, buying mirror hangers for the bathroom, that kind of thing). We pretty much stuck to the one hour, primarily because we couldn't stand the heat for much longer than that.

Once we got home and did a few things, we both got "the bug" I guess. I started working a bit in the kitchen. I had unpacked a few more boxes of mugs and glasses this morning (and managed to wash everything too -- thank you dishwasher!!) and wanted to get the pots and pans put away. I scrubbed out two more cabinets and was able to clear away a bunch of boxes that were piled on the floor in the corner. Now, I did just move some of them into my office for now but what a difference it made. I emptied our old pantry (we had piled pots and pans in it), and Mark and I moved it out of the kitchen. Holy crap the kitchen is big. Clearing out this one corner has made such a difference, not to mention that I uncovered another vent so it's even that much cooler in the kitchen (a bunch of boxes had been piled on it).

If I just take things slowly like I have been doing and unpack maybe four or five boxes of kitchen stuff each weekend, in a few weeks, I'll be done. Doing it gradually seems to be working out well for me. Last time we moved, I just really quickly unpacked stuff and ended up moving things around a bunch of times. This way, I'm being more thoughtful about where things go and I don't see that much will be moving around, not for a while anyway. Hurray for organization and space, I keep marveling at how big this kitchen is!

The other thing we did today was to purchase a new bedspread thingy for our new bed. Yesterday, at Costco, I picked up another set of sheets (we now have two!). I'd been looking at and pricing "bed in the bag" sets for our bed all week but couldn't find anything that I liked for a price I felt was reasonable. Today though, in the lineup at Bouclair (exchanging the curtain rods), we both spotted a comforter / dust ruffle / sham / pillow set that we liked. It was on sale for $99.99 which was about 1/3 of what I had seen everywhere else. We put it on the bed today, with the new sheets I got yesterday and it looks like a hotel in our bedroom, in a nice way I mean. All we really need (and we don't need it right away) is a new headboard and our room is quite livable for now. Eventually I'll get proper curtains in their but for now the sheets are doing the job quite nicely. It's amazing how nice sheets can look when you use fancy hardware to hang them up!

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