Thursday, June 02, 2005

normal, or something like it

I might be fooling myself but I actually feel sort of normalish right now and I've only had one coffee. That's got to be a sign that we're almost recovered from the move!

Good news!! We are definitely going to be reimbursed for the money we spent on the crap from the crawlspace haulage. I am faxing copies of our receipts to our real estate agent today and they should have the money to us in a few days. It was $340 dollars so I'm glad that we'll be getting it back. I don't care if the vendor pays us or the agents pay us out of their commission. There is no way that we should be on the hook for that amount of debris. I mean, I know that there is always a little bit of stuff that folks leave behind but, two truck loads?? that's ridiculous.

Our agent and the listing agent were over last night. When we got home from work, I noticed that the compressor for the air conditioner was running (it's right outside our bathroom window) but that there was no cold air coming through the vents. Mark had turned it on when he stopped by the house on his way to pick me up. It was a little warm in the front part of the house so he had decided to test it. When I told him that it didn't seem to be working, he turned it off, turned it on again and then went down stairs to investigate. It seemed like the compressor was working just fine but that the fan was blown. Because we had written in a condition with our purchase of the house, that the A/C would be guaranteed to work, we called our agent. They came over a few hours later, walked in, turned it back on and it worked perfectly. Mark and I both think that something might be wrong with the fan though so we're going to arrange for a service call once we figure out who installed it. It's entirely possible that it's still under warranty because it looks really new. I'm just glad it was working, it got kind of muggy during the evening and running it for an hour or so cooled the house right off. After years of living with window air conditioners, having the central air is soooo nice.

I'm not sure what we'll be doing this evening. I'd really like to get to bed early-ish. We've had a few later than normal nights this week and it's taking it out of me. I feel fine right now but I know that once 7 p.m. rolls around, I'll be looking for my pillow. Normally, I don't wish the week away but I'm really looking forward to sleeping late on Saturday. I'm not as bad as Mark though, he actually had a dream the other night about sleeping in. You know you're overtired when you dream about sleeping!!

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