Friday, October 15, 2004

finally finished

For a short week, it seemed pretty long. Actually, the time flew by but there was a tonne of work on my plate so it seemed long. Funny how you get a day off but the time you spend making it up later on the week really takes away from the break. Anyway, it's over and I'm happy.

Mark's cold is feeling much better today. Unfortunately, he smashed his fingers in a window this morning so he's in a lot of discomfort. He ended up having an unplanned day off from work today so he decided to put two of the air conditioners away. In his dad's room, the inside windows are really sticky (we have two sets of windows on each window -- it's an old house) and the big, heavy, wooden window smashed down on both of his hands.

This weekend, I think we'll do very little. He's got to get over his cold and I've got to rest up. Next week will be really nuts at work. Anyway, tonight we had a nice dinner out and we're heading to bed early. Tomorrow, we have a tonne of errands to do and we really want to see Team America: World Police.

One thing that made me smile today: We had picked up a copy of America the other evening at Costco. I finally had a chance to read a bit of it tonight and it is hilarious. If you like the Daily show, you should pick it up, it's terrific!

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