Saturday, October 09, 2004

running around

We slept in this morning, quite late too. It was really dark and dreary when we woke up and I think that's why we didn't get up when we should have. It's okay though, I think we both must have needed the rest of we wouldn't have done it.

When we finally did get up and get moving, I called my mum. They were moving really slowly over at her place too and we decided to not bother getting together today. I'll see my Aunt and Uncle tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner. It was kind of good that we cancelled because our day was starting really late.

Originally, we had planned to take a bunch of garbage to the transfer station. back in the spring, in our continuing effort to "clean sweep" our computer room/office, I had thrown a bunch of stuff out. Rather, I had bagged up a bunch of crap and we put it out in our garden shed. It's getting close to that time when we should be putting our patio furniture and outdoor stuff away for the winter so the trash has to be gotten rid of it. According to the city's website, the transfer station was open until 4:30 p.m. We got home at 3 p.m. from running errands. We quickly put away the groceries and filled the car with bags of trash. We got to the transfer station at 3:25 p.m. The guy was locking up the gate and the sign said that they actually closed at 1 p.m. Mark hollered over to him, asking if he knew where the landfill site was. Of course, he didn't have a clue. We decided to run over to the recycle centre because we knew that it would still be open and those guys might actually have a clue. Lucky for us, we were right. They were super friendly and helpful, although not exactly confident. I was informed that the landfill was still open but that the guy closed up at 4 p.m. and that "you'll never make it in time." After being given directions to the 4th Concession, I ran back to the car and we raced up there. We made it to the dump with five whole minutes to spare. It felt so good getting rid of all that crap. We'd already taken countless trips to Goodwill and Value Village previous to this, this was truly crappy crap-crap-crap. Now, we have plenty of room in the shed to pack away patio furniture and air conditioners. Yay!

One thing that made me smile today: When we were traveling from the transfer station to the recycle centre, we saw a huge turtle on Dalton Avenue. It was massive and we were really worried about it. We stopped our car, in an attempt to stop traffic so it could get across the street but this asshole in a sport car, pulled up and passed us, narrowly missing the turtle. We pulled up a bit and were just about to turn around and go help him out when a young guy in a pick-up truck stopped, got out of his truck and picked the turtle up. The turtle's legs were flailing and you could tell he was thinking "what the fuck buddy?? Leave me alone, I'll get there eventually." The young guy gently put him down on the other side of the road. It was so nice to see somebody do something like that. We honked our horn and cheered for him and then carried on our way.

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