Thursday, March 11, 2004

I've actually had a few minutes to see the news this week and was saddened to read about Robert Pastorelli's death earlier this week. I was a big fan of Murphy Brown and Eldin was, hands down, my favourite character and I always thought that he was totally under rated as an actor. He'll definitely be missed.

March sunshine is completely deceiving. The weather has been so gorgeous around here this week that I was actually able to wear cute shoes outside yesterday. Not boots, not docs, not sneakers, cute shoes! It felt great. Today though, it's really chilly again. It looks like it should be super warm and lovely but it's cool and windy. I suppose that as long as it's not snowing, I should be happy.

On the weekend, when we were shopping in Syracuse, I found a couple of purses I really liked, bright pink and bright blue. They were very spring-y/summer-y and seeing them has got me itching to pack away my sweaters for another season. I'm not thinking that this will happen anytime soon but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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